About Me

Rey is a creative junkie who constantly needs to feed her addiction through writing, painting, making body care/hair care products, cooking, listening to/dancing to amazing music, reading books and her favorite blogs, watching great films or just absorbing NYC or other phenomenal cities around the world…and oh yea – blogging:)

To send her a shout-out, email: reytalks@gmail.com


11 responses to “About Me

  1. rich

    i love it MS Regine! I ‘m gonna put you on my rss feeder!

    miss ya


  2. Qua

    Rey this is exactly what you should be doing! You have amazing voice and insight… I LOVE IT!

    Love you XO

  3. Romz

    “Who knew”… you could be diva and a blogger all in the same body! BRAVO! Keep pressing and moving forward!!


  4. GO REY REY.

  5. nic

    this is AMAZING! i am really proud of you!

    much love,

  6. Patricia

    Congrats on your blog Regine! I am happy that you are living your truth. May God continue to bless your endeavors.
    P.S. Let’s get the Summer 2010 brunch appts going before it’s gone!

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