Only Great Bottles: Excelsior

So being that I am a huge red wine fanatic and have been sipping on those great grapes since…well that may be tmi…but being it’s been yeeears, I thought I tried every cabernet sauvignon under the sun. To be quite honest, I was bored with the stuff! My palate  found it to be as typical as a regular house red that you get because it’s ‘safe’. As a result, I went on a cabernet-free wine diet up until I came across this very special treat – Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. Soft, smoky, jammy/plummy…it lingered in mouth after each sip like a great kiss…ummm. Oh and as if that were it: it’s also under $10..used to get it for $8.99 and recently, I actually found it for $5.49 @ Trader Joe’s Wine Shop….yeah babbby!!


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