Bottomless Brunch: Poco Restaurant

What could be better than to kick off the weekend with a scrumptious brunch, good company and a yummy cocktail..ummm – how about UNLIMITED cocktails with that insanely delicious meal…oh so guess and my homie Shaun found another really, really good one…If you haven’t been to Poco in LES then get your ass off of FB and go Forrest, go!… Here’s the deal: for $22.95 get all-u-can-drink mimosas, bloody marys or sangria(red/white) after trying all 4 and as most of you know I go gaga over red wine but the verdict is in: white wine sangria was the winner here. Not too sweet, yet we knew after our amazing waiter kept bringing carafes of it to our table, we were getting waaaay more for our $$$ than we anticipated….But back to the most important part – the FOOD- we didn’t try everything yet what we did eat was-what- da BOMB!!! Truffled mushroom omelette w/ manchego, asiago and parmesean cheese – how do you describe D-E-C-A-D-E-N-T? oh yea- on a plate…and to add love to lust we joyfully indulged in their skirt steak salad w/ pickled onions and cabrales blue cheese dressing…ayyayayy!!! And since life is short (and food truly is love), we went ahead and ordered the lobster mac-n-cheese  as well as a side of grilled chorizo which came w/ a the best potato hash I’ve had in a minute( and I’m a little anal when it comes to potatoes – they have to be done right or they taste like shit!). The lobster mac-n-cheese was pretty good considering we had already probably guzzled a ridiculous amount of sangria and b/c I LOOOVE mac-n-cheese to pieces(and b/c i make the kind of mac-n-cheese that has sealed the deal w/ nameless lovers), I would prob pass on it. Yet – we heard the banana almond french toast and grilled chicken sandwich are super popular as well as staff favorites so…next time you’re looking for a good brunch, add this to your list…I promise you will walk out of there with a smile.

To see Poco’s full brunch menu and address, click here.


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