Arlo & Esme

arlo and esme outsidearlo coffeearlo inside 1arlo insidearlo insde 2

Coffee shop + gorgeous bar =  Arlo and Esme. This bi-level establishment, former home to the East Village Yacht Club, serves as a coffee shop by day. This easy, breezy space has open windows, free WIFI so you can just chill and sip on one the of best hand roasted coffees ever . And at night, the upstairs café becomes a wine bar. But the real surprise is downstairs – it’s like a fly ass basement party  with exposed brick, a pool room, Mrs. Pacman machine and some cool, sexy dungeon style spaces to just do whatever! Go there Friday(not Saturday) after work and go w/ some cool people(not really the spot you meet new people at but I mean hey – you never know.) The DJ is better than I thought and really vibes off the crowd…If you were thinking of where to your next birthday party or just needed a spot to set off the night before going to your main destination – check this spot out…42 east 1st Street(between 1st/2nd ave.)


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