Throwback Music: Around the Way Girl


I remember we just started high school. My friends and I NEVER went home after school. We always hung out on the Ave., the trains, Bklyn, downtown in the Village…wherever there was a crowd! So on one of our excursions, we run into LL and his girl(not Simone). They were extra cool and we were chillin, talkin in front of Unique’s(ahh haha – who remembers that-used to be right next to the McDonald’s on Broadway). Anyway, not too long after the video for ‘Around the Way Girl’ debuts…that  was officially the first video I was cast in..I envied any chick who got to be in it…not b/c of LL (even though I loved him too) but b/c it was one of the most organic videos ever…no video vixens, celebs…just ya regular,  ’round da way filets…in a NY state of mind.


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  1. Kai

    this is hot. im gonna mistreat someone so I have a reason to apologize.

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