Mercury in Retrograde


Oh Laud!!! Mercury will be in retrograde again ya’ll…October 11- November 1st. Mercury governs all communication and transportation issues so don’t be surprised if there are some very stran-jay “misunderstandings” between you and others. Also, if you plan on travelling, don’t be astonished if things don’t quite fall into place as you’d like. This is what happens during a retrograde…Ok, now time to do my best and focus on the upside of it(yea,right!). No, seriously, this is a great time to be introspective and just get into yourself. It is about to cool down so take time out and give yourself some good lovin'(whatever that means for you). This is also an ideal time to create changes in your home.

So let the good times roll because Venus is in Saturn until then which is fabulous for your love life(smile)! But if your nosy behind wants to read up on Mercury Madness then go right ahead…


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