Hustle & Flow: $$$


In an era where cash still rules everything around me, everyone’s still trying to figure out how to make a $1 outta 15cents. So what’s really good? Here are 3 ways to make that dough this month: 1)      Rent out your apartment. People are always thinking their getting a deal when they find a nice hotel for $99/night so imagine being able to offer them a fully furnished apartment or house!!! You can do it when you go on vacation or you can be a real smarty pants and stay at your boo’s, bff’s or your folks home and pocket that! Ha!2)      Still haven’t worn that piece of jewelry or that dress or even taken those $200 shoes out the box yet – or in over a year. Well, yes I know you already know about Ebay but have you even tried it. I mean , hey, the worse thing that can happen is nothing. A few months ago I tested it out and guess what? I sold a piece of jewelry that I never wore ( for 3 years) – and knew I never would. Long story short, a week after posting it on , I had an extra $176 on my bank account…How ya like dem apples!3)      They say, you teach best what you need to learn the most. I say you teach best what pays you most. Have a skill? Know how to play an instrument, play pool, dance, lose weight? Build a website? Create a podcast? A great writer? (hello! Those college kids are on a manhunt for you…papers, papers.) Are you super handy? (grout, grout-lol)Well either way, you better act like you know. Most  people crave doing more or being better at something so all you have to do is let them know when you’re available – get your hustle on b/c someone else will. Get the steppin! P.S. don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth. We live in a society where people believe the more they pay for something, the better the quality of what they’re getting…Don’t hate the game, just learn how to play it.



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  1. KeyLu

    All that is the truth! Basically people need to recognize their god given talents and blessings and get PAID!! Cuz believe me, there are alot of people that have 50% of the talent and gettin 100% in the pockets..get yer hustle right and stop complainin..

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