Teach Me How To:


Ok, so anytime September comes around I still feel the need to absorb something new..whether it be a hobby, skill, book, habit(uh oh!) or something…I’ve definitely been trained to connect September with learning. So in lieu of the left side of my brain here goes a list of how to(s) just in case you were feeling that ‘back to school’ anxiousness/excitement:

learn drawing tips and lessons on drawspace.com 

 how to moonwalk?

 learn how to knit

 tons of CSS tutorials 

home improvement tutorials. make your own fabric labels

cook some thai food…oh wee!

how to hack a soda machine



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One response to “Teach Me How To:

  1. Liz

    For all the beauty in my life, this is a too cute, innovative way to keep the memory perfectly placed in my home or anywhere fitting. What a great gift it makes also…Love your blog.
    Thanks for finding the coolest the most original things to share with us all!!! xx

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