Black Movies


When I think of Black films, I’m not thinking of only a Black cast..but also Black director and/or writer as well..all in one. These are a few faves I can think off the top of my head – I’m almost positive I forgot some…whatever, either way – I LOVE film so in reality there’s prob a top 100 in my head and that still may not be enough….

My 10 faves I can watch over and over (not in any real order):

1) Menace II Society directed by Albert & Allen Hughes (yea, they Black)

2) Crooklyn directed by Spike Lee

3) The Five Heartbeats directed by Robert Townsend

4) House Party directed by Reginald Hudlin

5) Boomerang directed by Reginald Hudlin

6) Eve’s Bayou directed by Kasi Lemmons

7) New Jack City directed by Mario Van Peebles

8 ) Best Man directed by Malcolm D. Lee

9) Love Jones directed by Theodore Witcher

10) Friday directed by F. Gary Gray

11) Love & Basketball by Gina Prince-Bythewood (yes Meesh – love it – just prob od’d on


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  1. meesh meesh

    Listen…I don’t care what u say but love and basketball should absolutley be on ur list …..I still love u though …as a matter of fact I need to come steal a couple of movies from u asap! Smooches

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